Typical Day

A typical schedule for a semi-fasting day is listed below, and is presented to give you some idea of how your time with be spent during your stay with us. On different days and for different programs, we serve different drinks, formulas and juices. On eating days two meals a day are served. On juice fasting days six to seven fresh juice blends are served daily with no solid foods.

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Semi-Fasting Day
Yoga Class
7:00 AM

We like starting our day not with rushed and unhappy thoughts, but by enjoying a beautiful view of the ocean, by awakening and invigorating our body with light stretching and deep breathing.

Check Up

This is the time when we get together to share our progress, plan our day, as well as guests check their blood pressure, pulse and weight themselves.

Isotonic Drink

The first step in our detoxification process is cleansing the digestive system. Unless this system is working effectively, toxins released from organs and tissues would be reabsorbed and would do harm rather than good. Isotonic drinks are designed to prevent this from happening and provide a thorough flush of the stomach, small intestines and colon.

Two Litres of Purified Water
9:00 - 1 PM

One thing that ensures effective cleansing is drinking a lot of water. Water dilutes toxins and helps to eliminate them. Without water, detoxification would be ineffective and even dangerous. This is why our guests drink 4L of purified water daily: 2L in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. While the body does not usually require this much water for normal daily activities and metabolic processes (unless you work hard physically and in hot weather), under these circumstances it is absolutely crucial.

Liver-Gall bladder cleanse

The second step in our detoxification process is the liver and gall bladder cleanse. The liver is a big filter in our body, through which every substance, starting from healthy nutrients in fruits and finishing with poisonous arsenic goes through. Overloading our liver with toxins makes it tired and sick. The bile it produces gets thick and sluggish, and gall stones may form and move to the gall bladder, the body's bile storage reservoir, where they can grow and calcify. Our custom made drink and liver capsules help both the liver and gall bladder to purify from stagnant bile.

Group Time

When a body is toxic, a person can experience a lot of negative emotions, mood swings, and anger flare-ups for no particular reason. Depression and frustration over the smallest things that go "wrong" are common. Toxins may also numb emotions, or make them dull. After several days of cleansing, emotions become unblocked. They start being released, resurfaced, or become "raw." For this reason, while cleansing many people have particularly lucid dreams and become emotional. To support complete healing—physically, mentally, and emotionally—we include Group Time in the daily schedule. During this period, we present and facilitate discussion around different topics related to emotional health, such as forgiveness, inner peace and self-respect.

A & W

No, our guests do not drive to the nearest town to eat a greasy hamburger and French fries. A&W stands for apple and wheat grass juice, and our guests love this healthy substitute. This is why we use them.

Apples contain a great amount of fiber, which Viktoria Boutenko calls a magic sponge, because it can absorb more toxins than its volume. Though there are fruits that are richer in this substance, an apple has a very high amount of soluble fiber, or pectin, which is not as easily available. In an apple it constitutes about 80% of the total fiber content. Water soluble fiber collects and disposes bile salts, which contain cholesterol. According to research, consuming just one large apple per day decreases blood cholesterol by 8-11%, and 2 apples up to 16%. The remaining 20% of apple fiber is called water insoluble, or cellulose. This type of fibre aids in the elimination of toxins from digestive tract, including heavy metals. 

Wheat grass is a plant that is grown from the red wheat berry, a special strain of wheat that produces high concentrations of chlorophyll, active enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients.

Fresh squeezed juice from this plant, consumed within 30 min after preparation has huge benefits. These are some of them:

    • Rebuilds the blood stream. Chlorophyll in wheat grass resembles human blood haemoglobin (protein that carries oxygen and iron in the body) so much, that drinking its juice can be compared with a healthy blood transfusion.

  • Helps prevent tooth decay
  • Improves the body's ability to heal wounds
  • Keeps hair from greying
  • Reduces high blood pressure
  • Aids in the prevention and healing of cancer
Brisk Walking and Deep Breathing

During intense detoxification physical activity should be light. Your body uses quite a bit of energy for healing and restoration, and you should spare as much energy as you can. Moderate movement and being outside increase the speed with which wastes are carried away from cells and nutrients are brought to them. During a walk almost all of our muscles move rhythmically. No other exercise can give our body the same harmony of movement and enhanced blood circulation. This is why we consider walks such an important part of our program, and dedicate 2.5 hours to this activity daily.

Health Lecture

Our lectures are in-depth, yet when people ask us whether we advocate vegetarianism, raw foodism or something else, we answer "No specific one". We share the principles of health and allow everybody to choose what works for them. During our lectures you'll find out how to prevent and get rid of a cold within 2-3 days, how to grow plants with a specially designed for your health conditions formula and how to take care of your skin.

Blood Cleanse Tea
1 PM

Special formula containing about 10 herbs including red clover, burdock and papaya leaves is designed to purify the blood of parasites and toxins.

Two Litres of Purified Water
1:15-6 PM

Obviously, water dilutes toxins and is vital for proper elimination of them. However this is not the whole story. Water is an amazing nutritional supplement for weight loss. When we do not drink enough, we overstress our kidneys. When unable to work properly, they "share" their toxic load with the liver. The liver in turn has to take care of too much stuff, and therefore loses its ability to metabolize fat efficiently. The result is that no matter how little unhealthy food you eat, you still gain weight rapidly. By rehydrating your body it helps to reset your  metabolism and healthy weight control mechanisms.

Nap time

During cleansing, especially in its initial stages, most people feel chilly and more tired than usual because their body redirects a large part of its energy from heating and regular activities towards healing and restoration of its tissues. This is a normal part of the detoxification process, and a person should satisfy their body's need for extra rest and sleep. Even though there is plenty of time for rest during the day, we also allow a special time slot to make sure the guests give to their body what it needs the most.


Brisk Walk and Deep Breathing

Deep breathing exercises are especially helpful for strengthening the immune system and healing depression.

The stength of the immune system depends on lymph and blood circulation. Lymph and blood move down the body by the pull of gravity and heart contractions. However, they do not have a pump to move them back up to the heart. Therefore the body designed for this purpose two other mechanisms: breathing and muscle contraction. When we inhale deeply, we stimulate lymph and blood in veins to come back to the lungs for purification, and thus improve the function of the immune system.

Breathing reflects our thinking. Notice how you breathe when you think of sad memories or experience fear. Most likely, your breathing is shallow and short. By changing the way you breathe, you can change the way you think and feel.

Health video

Our main goal, after cleansing, is to help you to stay on track after you leave the center. Otherwise you would just  be wasting your money. In order to continue recovery and to feel good, it is very important to continue following the path of health. Our videos by renowned authorities in alternative health will help you to get motivated and to understand what you need to do.

Poultice drink and Parasite Formula

This drink is a powerful absorbent, containing the finest charcoal and cleansing herbs. It binds toxins released into the digestive tract and prevents their re-absorption into the blood stream.

Our formula contains a blend of herbs with anti-parasitic properties, including clove and wormwood.

Hydrotherapy Treatment
6:00 & 7:00

Our hydrotherapy treatments are our guests' favorite activity, and a very powerful tool in inducing self-healing. It consists of a steam bath combined with aromatherapy, and alternated with cold showers. Steam beautifies and purifies the skin, including drug and tobacco toxins, and the contrast of the cold showers helps strengthen blood vessels and to improve circulation; oils of eucalyptus, pine and lavender assist in cleansing the respiratory tract. The session takes 45 min. Because our steam room cannot accommodate all the guests at once, we do several sessions a day.

Spa Treatments and Services
1 PM - 9 PM

In-between drinks and program activities most of our guests choose to spend one to several hours a day on even deeper cleansing, and pampering themselves by doing massage, reflexology, colon hydrotherapy, infra-red sauna sessions, and facials and body wraps. The center provides a great variety of services for an additional fee.

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