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Financing Plans

Fresh Start offers two financing plans:

  • 0% Financing Payment Plan
    • Best if you need just a bit of help
    • Short term, upto 6 months only
    • No %


  • Monthly Payment Plan
    • Need to finance a larger amount
    • Longer term, 6-12 months.
    • Interest 10-14%, depending on the term


0% Financing Plan

How does it work?

The program is opened to everyone. No credit check or approval required.

  • 50% of the balance is due upon registration.
  • 50% of the balance is financed using equal payments over 3-6 months, depending what works best for the applicant.
  • $175 Administration Fee applied per application.
  • The Loan Agreement is signed between Fresh Start and Borrowing party.
  • Payments are automatically withdrawn monthly from your credit card.

Health should not be a financial struggle, and with our 0% Financing Program it no longer is!

Let us help you get the fresh start you deserve with a payment plan designed for your pocket.

How do I apply?
Once you have decided the type of a session and the date you plan to visit, request a Program Consultant to use the Financing Program as a payment option. Sign the Loan Agreement and you are set.

How can I qualify for this program?
The program is open to everyone. You do not need to convince Fresh Start that you experience financial difficulties or pass any credit checks.

Can I pay off my account before the term ends?
Yes, there are no pre-payment penalties. Please contact us in person to clear the balance. E-mail requests will not be accepted.

Can I use the Financing Program to pay for other members of my family?
Yes, you can pay for family and friends using the Fresh Start Financing Program.

Are there any fees?
Yes. There is a one time $175 Administration fee, per application.

Can I combine both applications into one?

Do you have different cancellation terms for the Financing Program?
No, we do not. Current terms are same, regardless of the payment option you use.

All sales are final, rescheduling and transfer to a family member or a friend remain the same.

Can I transfer a Loan Agreement to a family member?
Yes. A $175 fee will be applied for creating of a new Loan Agreement.


Monthly Plan


Terms: 25% of the balance + GST is due upon registration.

Admin fee: $175 (one time)

Remainder of the balance can be financed at

6 Months Plan at 10%

9 Months Plan at 12%

12 Months Plan at 14%


Pre-qualification: provide a financial statement. Upon approval you’ll be asked to provide a promissory note signed at the notary and a loan agreement with Fresh Start.

Terms: Must provide 2 valid credit cards (primary and secondary) or issue postdated certified cheques.